Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week Seven - Laundry - Working in a Breeze

I've shut down the past few weeks and that's alright. I decided going into this project to make this ALL about ME and not about time, dates or weeks, so.. I'll be a bit off on my weeks and really who cares? 
I had my first experience with a photo contest and what I learned....I'm going to keep doing what I like and just let the rest fall where is may.

This is my photo,
"Working in a Breeze"

Black and White photo, Working in a Breeze (c) Beth Ann Strub

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1 comment:

  1. Beth, this takes me back many years when my maternal grandmother used to iron on her back porch. My paternal grandfather, who lived in an apartment behind our house, also had one of the irons shown in your photo. Mother had it for years after Grandpa's death. I wonder what happened to it? Thanks for the memories.


Thank you for taking a look at my photo's, I'm having a ball, learning and learning. And doing and going. Again, thank you ! Beth