Monday, July 6, 2015

Learning and Playing with Black and White

Early this Spring I took a Photoshop Elements class and learned so much I can't seem to remember it all. HERE's my teacher's site Spencer Pullen, great class and I learned a lot about myself, plus Elements. I hadn't taken a class in YEARS and going over everything at home each week was so much fun for me. I think I was alone in that. Most of the class liked to show up and learn a bit and not put it into practice???  NOT me. I loved it and hope to take more classes soon. But, I've forgotten some.

So, I've been going through the handbook again and playing with Black and White.  I didn't understand black and white, but learned black and white is BLACK and WHITE not gray. 

This will be a learning curve for me ! 


Black and White Rose by Beth Ann (C)

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Thank you for taking a look at my photo's, I'm having a ball, learning and learning. And doing and going. Again, thank you ! Beth