Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week 1, My - Before and After

After the past weeks of rain here in Florida it was so nice to be outside yesterday. Husband has a little fishing boat and when he asks I always go.  I don't fish, I read, take pictures and sometimes even quilt. I have a huge bag I take with me and as he says, "you never know what she'll pull out"
We fish the same spots and it was so fun to see all the changes in nature over the past two weeks. 

This is my Before and After 


Osprey bird  (c) Beth Ann Strub

The gentleman who started us on our camera journey has went with us on the boat and always says, "No birds on sticks"
But I love this one.  I think she was yelling at the young ones trying to fly. 

This is my
Osprey Mama yelling at her new babies (c) Beth Ann Strub

Husband said, "get her close" 
and WOW ! ! 

I'm learning it's not HOW you shot a picture, 
it's all about WHAT you shot the picture of.

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Thank you for taking a look at my photo's, I'm having a ball, learning and learning. And doing and going. Again, thank you ! Beth